Best digital marketing tools for business growth

 Digital marketing is about using smart and innovative tools designed to give your business an advantage when looking for potential customers. The more you know how many creative digital marketing tools that are available, the better. 

But make no mistake. Don't assume that successful digital marketing is about new devices, applications and websites. One thing that has always been more important than anything else in digital marketing is customers. By focusing on your customers and understanding what they want to see and learn, there are marketing tools to help you strengthen your efforts, expand your audience, and build customer loyalty.

So here are seven digital marketing tools that have proven to be useful for marketers who are just starting to use them.

1. Social sprout

If you use your social media account to reach your audience, there is the popular social media platform called sprout social which provides companies with software for managing, defending, and analyzing social networks.

With this site, you can communicate more effectively with your customers on social networks, thanks to social network management tools that enable faster monitoring, response and collaboration, and provide faster means of communication. For example, Sprout Social collects social messages from multiple networks, collects them in one place, and simplifies the management of responses when your account is commented on or commented on by your followers. You can also add content planning across different platforms and analytics.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is not exaggerated, no matter how much you insist. Figures are a businessman's dream. Numbers help us make decisions. So what decisions can Google Analytics make? Website traffic, landing pages where users use your site. This is a key factor in determining the status and marketing strategy of any website.

You can learn a lot about the web and the audience. It is an essential tool for website performance analysis and, of course, one of the most popular analytics platforms available today. You should always go through digital marketing training before hiring an agency.

Pros: If you want to better understand what works (and what doesn't) for users and websites, it's not only a great tool, but also a great free tool. Google Analytics is a premium service and you pay for exclusive features.

3. SEMRush

Every company that publishes a blog on a website wants people to find the blog, not in cyberspace. SEM Rush can help achieve these results. You need a comprehensive marketing tool that will not only help you conduct SEO keyword research, but also help you track the performance of your site. Keyword placement, site analysis, or backlink tracking. SEM Rush is an all-in-one platform for SEO and website visibility and analysis. You can also use SEMRush to view the natural ranking of your keywords and see what your competitors are doing.

4. Hot Jar

"Dots connect with one powerful solution" is the Hotjar theme, which allows marketers to see user behavior on their site. This includes temperature maps. A temperature map is a record of what users like and are interested in, a great way to understand what the site will do and user interactions with the site. These recordings can cause users to fail browsing, abandon their searches, and then track the current moment. It also shows a problem that will take a lot of time. In addition, Hotjar allows you to ask questions and get instant answers about how users interact with your site. Hotjar offers plans for businesses of all sizes.

Benefits: Hotjar provides information on how to optimize your site in the future.

5. Google Ads

To keep up with the long list of marketing tools developed by Google, there are Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords). Google Ads is a great way to promote your site, service, or website. With Google Ads, you can promote your brand and business to find relevant users and improve conversion rates.

Pros: If you do it right, you will get a good CTR and reach your target audience.

Disadvantages: Navigation and costs (in the case of advertising) can be cumbersome and expensive.

6. Ahrefs

Do you need to check some keywords? Want to see backlinks from your competitors? Want to know backlinks to your site? If so, look no further than Ahrefs. With Ahrefs you can get competition analysis, keyword research, backlink research, content research, ranking tracking and website tracking. There is no reason why Ahrefs, a great and easy-to-use keyword research tool, is not good for you, and there is no reason why Ahrefs should not be used to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Pros: With a $ 7 7-day trial, you can see what Ahrefs can do and what will work for you.

Disadvantages: Like SEMRush takes a long time to learn how to use it effectively.


7. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a tool to help you find the keywords you need to rank your website. Use Google Keyword Planner to find competitive bids for future and current campaigns. Keywords can be used for SEO efforts and of course for PPC. This tool, which is provided directly by the world's most popular tech giant, will help your marketing efforts if you know how to use it properly, which can be very difficult after a new update.

Benefits: Search for keywords directly on Google.

Disadvantage: Learning the Keyword Planner with new updates can be time consuming.

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